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Tilt Sensor

When a maximum tilt of 2° is reached, the tilt control buzzer emits a warning sound with Power LED flashing, the platform cannot be used under these conditions.

To recover the use of the drive movement, the platform must be completely lowered.

When the platform is fully lowered, it is possible to drive on ground with 23% gradeability.

CE – Exclusive European Design


Safety Bar

Safer than a gate, which sometimes could remain open

CE – Exclusive European Design


Anti-Crushing Device

 When the platform is lowered to 2.0 metres it will trigger a limit switch to stop lowering.

There is a 3 seconds delay before the platform will be allowed to lower completely

Prevents any accidental crushing of things or people.

CE – Exclusive European Design


Safety Speed

2 different drive speeds (up to 3.5 km/h for Compact 8/10 and 3.0km for Compact 8W/10/12) can be used when the platform is fully lowered.  

If the platform is lifted above the horizontal level, only micro speed ( 0.6 km/h ) is possible as the sensors are activated.


Recovery System

Emergency lowering valve to lower the platform in case of power failure or control failure at chassis or platform control desk.


Platform Extension Lock

To lock the extension platform

Prevent sudden movement of platform when scissor lift is moving.

The platform extension can be lock in 2 positions.

Safety By design Informations for scissor lifts

Platform  Load Control  

When load in the platform exceeds the maximum authorized load, an alarm is triggered & no movements are possible from the platform control panel until the extra load is removed from the platform.

CE – Exclusive European Design

Power LED flashes during the overload operation

Overload indicator lights up when platform weight limit is exceeded